One of our unique components to our elite and ID+camps is the Mental Training (Sports Psychology) Component. We will include mental training ideas and concepts as part of the camp and in the coaching sessions to help introduce this area of their development as complete soccer players.

All of our camps will include a mental training component, and depending on each camp format, some will include additional opportunities that the campers can take advantage of.

One of the unique partnership of our camps is the ability to access The Athletic Mindset Assessment (TAP). In 2015 Coach Favero led the partnership between San Diego State and The Right Profile to become the first women's soccer program to partner with the TAP, which is an invaluable tool to help athletes understand and grow in mental toughness areas through several mindset developmental tools.

Oakland women’s soccer has begun the use of this phenomenal tool in the Fall of 2017 and the TAP (Troutwine Athletic Profile) Assessment is a new feature for our camps as well.

If you are interested in getting more detailed about the TAP and its benefits click here:

Some of the unique mental training sessions are on topics such as:

  • How to use the TAP to invest in your mental game
  • Taking Your Game to a Higher Level
  • Mental Toughness
  • 8 Ways to Build Self-Confidence
  • 7 Ways to Build a Winner’s Mindset
  • 9 Ways to be a Good Teammate
  • Communication Principles of the Elite Athlete
  • Goal Setting Principles
  • Leadership Skills for Soccer Players

These extra session will be led by Oakland’s Head Coach, Juan Pablo Favero. Besides coaching, he also serves as a Sports Psychology Consultant and has also worked with many teams and athletes helping them with various mental training aspects. He holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and has also worked with business leaders and organizations and has published several articles on Sports Psychology and Leadership topics.



“I am very impressed with your Psych motivational class. There is no doubt that you zero right in on some of the most critical aspects for these young athletes. The information and knowledge that you convey can be utilized in every aspect of their lives and careers.. I have never encountered your Psych Training or anything close to it within any Soccer Club or organization. I believe it is a critical aspect of any athletes training.”

“I enjoyed your coaching style during the filed sessions.  And I particularly enjoyed the classroom sessions with you.  I will be able to use what you taught in many parts of my life.  I already plan to apply some of the ideas during my trainings tomorrow.”

“The sports Psychology session are awesome.  It really has helped me understand just how important this is for me as a player. I learned great practical things that I have already applied with my club team and seen them help me.”

"I just wanted to say thank you for incorporating the mental topics to your camp both on and off the soccer field. I never had heard this explained in such a clear and practical way and feel like it will be a huge help in taking my game to a higher level.”

“Thanks for the great experience. Our family truly appreciated the mental training and everything that you brought to our daughter’s game even through the handful of camps she has attended.”

“I wanted to let you know that I've been working on the steps that you talked about at camp. Wanting to make our Varsity team this year at my high school, I decided to adopt your philosophy to "get up" etc.....  I definitely had the the desire to get up every morning for the camp, and committed myself to growing up by digging in.  I gave up doing certain social things in order to commit to more touches on the ball, and grouped up with players that shared the same vision.  I had to toughen up  and be willing to make mistakes, and now I look forward to the opportunity to  put up as I step out onto the pitch in January as one of only 3 underclassman to make Varsity! Thank-you again for your encouragement and guidance at camp!